Common sense tells us that this is not true: that 1,100 people are living at Spearfish KOA with their family members not included in that amount during the time of the year they are closed (11/1-3/31). This absolutely is not the fixed habitation of over 1,100 people and their families. Look at reference picture of KOA (taken 12/8/22). It is a picture of the campground with locked gate and picnic tables up for winter with absolutely no one living there. A statement of residency, in order to vote in SD, is written on SD’s Secretary of State website. Definition of Residency for Voter Registration (SDCL 12-1-4) For the purposes of this title (Title 12), the term, residence, means the place in which a person has fixed his or her habitation and to which the person, whenever absent, intends to return. We have approximately 25,000 voters registered through these mail forwarding businesses throughout the State. Approximately 11,000 voted in our 2020 election. Please take a look at that campground and tell me if you see the intent to make that over 1,100 people their fixed habitation. The legal definition of “intent” is a determination to perform a particular act or to act in a particular manner. Intent is usually based on a specific reason. It is an aim, design or a resolution to use a certain means to reach an end. It must be inferred from surrounding facts and circumstances. A video on SD Residency Center’s YouTube account has a young woman giving advice on how to break the Federal Banking Patriot Act, Federal voting laws, and SD voting laws. She gives advice on how to bypass not living at a physical address in SD while she actually lives in another state. It is the law that PO boxes can not be used as residency for banking or voting. This means it does not matter if you live in a tent you still need to have a physical location. There are many ways to investigate perjury and where one actually lives. Unfortunately this is not being done. When looking into this campground’s property tax record they are not being assessed for improvements of 1,107 hookups nor is this campground paying taxes for this.

The most important aspect of all of this is to point out we already have laws on the books in regards to residency and voting, yet our departments are breaking the law or writing their own laws. I have been told that the state and counties make a lot of revenue from licensing vehicles. I want to point out that criminals also make money but that doesn’t make it right. I also want to point out that other states can sue SD because they are taking revenue away from their own state. Our State and Counties have failed at their legal duties. Not abiding by our constitutional rights is affecting the citizens of SD. Statute 13-53-23.1 is residence defined for the purpose of §§ 13-53-23 to 13-53-41, inclusive, residence, means the place where a person has a permanent home, at which the person remains when not called elsewhere for labor, studies, or other special or temporary purposes, and to which the person returns at times of repose. It is the place a person has voluntarily fixed as the person’s permanent habitation with an intent to remain in such place for an indefinite period. A person, at any one time, has but one residence and a residence in not lost until another is gained. Our legislature defined residency in this statute.

Source:  SL 1996, ch 130, § 1.

The Federal implications of false voter registrations and voting illegally, fall under 52 U.S. Code § 20511 – Criminal penalties

An election crime is generally a federal crime if:

  • The ballot includes one or more federal candidates.
  • The conduct involves false voter registration.


To improve our State’s elections these 5 actions need to be implemented.

  1. The auditors that allowed false voter registrations should be charged for criminal activity and removed from offices.
  2. The State and Counties should be investigating and enforcing the fraud of perjury on legal documents.
  3. The State and Counties should be investigating to determine if the person really exists and lives in SD. False and stolen identities are not uncommon and occur often.
  4. The judges who allowed these non-citizens to vote, should be removed from the bench and not allowed to participate in government.
  5. The correction and discipline of heads of departments that represented a one night stay as being residency shall be done.

Only the State’s people with fixed habitation in our state should be voting in our elections. People that actually live here have to live with the consequences of our elections! It is not legal elections if we have non-citizens voting. Our State’s resources, industries, and funds should be protected for the people of SD only. Now with Medicaid expansion these fake residents can partake in what is our citizens.  Illegal voting by people not fixed in habitation here should not have a vote on any of our ballot issues that affect our state. Society issues in a state and how it is operated are extremely important to keep complete chaos from taking over our State, Counties, Cities and Townships. Societies are structured and are important for various reasons. Our Citizens have a great love for our state and its societies. A lot of us are ancestors to the pioneers that settled this State. I have seen the survey markers between Montana and Wyoming. We have boundaries for a reason. We are one of the 50 states. We are not a one world order. We are a state, and it should be respected. Why doesn’t SD abide by its own laws? No excuse is good enough for a state to act like a criminal organization ignoring our constitution.

There is additional evidence being gathered in other states. This all takes time and unfortunately others and myself in this state are not getting paid for doing what the State and Counties have neglected to do. All the branches of our State have completely failed its citizens. The bureaucrats are ruining our State.

My opinion is not formed to support any one party. It is only to support the people, legal elections, and the laws of this state and country.


Kate Crowley Johnson